Empowering youth for a future in logistics

Tech Mahindra Foundation's SMART Academy for Logistics expands its footprint in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Tech Mahindra Foundation's SMART (Skills-for-Market Training) Academy for Logistics has expanded its footprint with a new centre in Bhubaneswar. The 4700-square-foot centre boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, AR/VR curriculum, and Metaverse-based learning modules. Focused on Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management and Warehouse Picker and Packer courses, the academy aims to create a skilled talent pool for India’s booming logistics sector.

The SMART Academy is yet another instance of the Mahindra Group’s commitment to skill development and the academy's role in fostering diversity and inclusion in the logistics sector.

Bridging the employability gap

SMART is the Foundation’s employability programme to empower youth from socio-economically backward in urban communities. Launched in 2012, the programme provides the youth with employability skills through a structured training programmes in healthcare, logistics and digital technologies, ensuring they are placed in suitable jobs. The programme is implemented through SMART Academies run by the Foundation itself and by SMART Centres run in collaboration with partner NGOs.

Launched for the first time ever in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh in 2018, the Academies have expanded to Chennai, Hyderabad and now Bhubaneswar

Adapting to industry evolution

In line with the Government of India’s Skill India Mission, SMART Academies empower youth with the requisite skills, offering advanced and specialised courses since 2016.

The SMART Academies for Logistics are transforming the talent landscape in the Indian logistics sector by mapping the emerging needs with the required skills and proficiency demands of professionals in the sector. The Academies incorporate emerging technologies through their specialised training programmes and curriculum.

Staying ahead in the digitised world

In line with the rapid digitisation within the logistics sector, Tech Mahindra’s SMART Academy for Logistics maintains a steadfast focus on updating its curriculum. Students learn from subject matter experts with extensive industry experience, preparing them for the dynamic nature of the logistics field.

The Academy’s commitment is reinforced through Warehouse Labs, AR/VR curriculum, and Metaverse-based experiential learning modules, providing on-the-job training, industry exposure and placement assistance.

Empowering communities

SMART Academies under the umbrella of Mahindra and Mahindra's RISE tenets, ensure skill development and encourage women’s participation across their initiatives. Tech Mahindra’s vision of ‘Empowerment through Education’ drives all programmes in employability, education and disability, ensuring more than 50% are women and 10% are People with Disabilities in all interventions.

The SMART Academy ensures opportunities to individuals across diverse backgrounds and genders. Notably, 78% of women beneficiaries from SMART Healthcare Academies are successfully placed. Initiatives such as an all-women SMART Healthcare Academy in Mumbai and various scholarships further support SMART Academy students from underserved communities, aiming to increase women beneficiaries to 50% in the coming years.

Since its establishment in 2018, the SMART Academy for Logistics has trained over 800 students, placing more than 560 of them.

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