Dr. Anish Shah at Davos

Here is a roundup of interactions with Dr. Anish Shah, Group CEO and MD, Mahindra Group, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, this year!

First up is Dr. Shah’s article titled, ‘India’s public-private partnerships for climate are a global model to follow’ was published ahead of the meeting and provided an insight into India's evolving role in the global climate commitment. The article underlines the nation's emergence as a leader in public-private collaboration, where sectors ranging from services and utilities to innovative tech start-ups are steering India towards becoming a model for the world. With the 'Green Indian Railways' project exemplifying the country's commitment, the piece calls on readers to explore the full narrative, acknowledging the critical importance of sustainability.
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Panel discussion, ‘Transforming Energy Demand’ 

He also participated in the panel discussion on ‘Transforming Energy Demand’ at the WEF24 highlighting Mahindra's journey. He noted a 95% energy productivity in Auto and 87% in Farm Equipment, highlighting that the Group had effectively reduced energy usage almost by half, since 2008. Dr. Shah outlined four key areas of focus: Energy-efficient equipment, technological process changes, supply chain collaboration and product design, where he gave the example of two of Mahindra Lifespaces’ net-zero launches. Stressing the importance of scaling such initiatives, he acknowledged global platforms like the World Economic Forum for facilitating such discussions at a global scale. The discussion extended to India's leadership in renewable energy, specifically solar. Dr. Shah concluded by underscoring the need for collective organisational commitment to drive long-term success.

Exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18

In an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18 Managing Editor Shereen Bhan on the sidelines of WEF24, Dr. Shah unveils Mahindra Group's strategic focus on sustainability, specifically highlighting the transformative 'Born-Electric SUV program.' Articulating ambitious growth targets, he reflects on the Group's achievements in the past year, including the fulfilment of promises to double capacity in the auto business, despite challenging conditions in the farm business.

In conversation with Business Today

Mahindra Group CEO Dr. Anish Shah, in conversation with Business Today's Executive Director Rahul Kanwal and Business Today TV's Managing Editor Siddharth Zarabi at WEF 2024 in Davos, emphasised the pivotal role of pure electric vehicles (EVs) over hybrids. Dr. Shah elaborated on Mahindra's strategic decision to fully embrace EVs, anticipating a swift evolution of the EV ecosystem in India. He discussed ambitious production targets, safety considerations in EV development, and shared insights on the prospect of driverless cars in India. For an in-depth exploration of the future of EVs and sustainable mobility, watch the interview featuring Dr. Anish Shah and the Business Today team.

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