To drive financial inclusion with super app

To be built as a 24x7 single digital gateway for consumers from across India to all Mahindra Finance businesses

Mahindra Finance and IBM have teamed up to create a super app aimed at enhancing financial inclusion across India. This innovative digital platform will serve as a single digital interface for consumers, offering access to a wide range of Mahindra Finance services, all in one place.

Scheduled to operate round-the-clock, the super app will revolutionise how consumers from both metros and non-metros interact with Mahindra Finance, providing a secure and user-friendly interface for managing various financial products and solutions. From personal and enterprise loans to insurance, investments, wealth management solutions and more, all aspects of Mahindra Finance's vehicle and non-vehicle lending businesses will be accessible through this single digital platform.

IBM Consulting will employ a human-centred design approach to enrich the super app's user experience, ensuring that every aspect of the customer journey is carefully crafted to meet their needs. Additionally, IBM will leverage its expertise in cloud transformation to design a secure and resilient digital platform, to be deployed on a hybrid multi-cloud environment that is capable of integrating emerging technologies in the future, such as generative AI.

The collaboration between Mahindra Finance and IBM marks a significant step forward in driving financial inclusion and advancing digital innovation in India's financial services landscape. With the super app, Mahindra Finance aims to strengthen its position as a trusted partner for consumers seeking reliable and accessible financial solutions in a rapidly evolving market.

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  • Sharma Kitchen Sharma 1 month ago
    Super news ,we are waiting for the live as it will definitely give us lots of boost in advance technology Market.as Indian consumer and business channels are using technology very fast .