Tapping industry trends to create innovative solutions

Tech Mahindra’s pioneering platforms are proactively addressing industry shifts and trends with the aim of driving organisational resilience

As industries worldwide undergo rapid transformation, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviours, Tech Mahindra continues to demonstrate its agility and foresight through its strategic launches. Each initiative not only responds to market shifts but also anticipates and capitalises on evolving consumer needs. From ESG risk assessment to embracing the gig economy and revolutionising fan engagement in sports, Tech Mahindra's platforms signify a commitment to driving sustainable growth and organisational resilience through cutting-edge solutions.

Assessing risk with i.Riskman

ESG risks, encompassing environmental, social and governance factors, are vital for businesses navigating today’s landscape. These risks, including reputational harm and regulatory issues, are crucial as companies move towards sustainability. Identifying, evaluating and managing these risks is essential to mitigate their negative impacts.

In response to the escalating impact of climate risks on businesses, Tech Mahindra has launched i.Riskman, an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) risk assessment platform to assist organisations in identifying, assessing and managing climate-related risks, aligning with the trend of ESG risk assessment.

The gig working economy and Populii

The gig economy, characterised by flexible employment and task-based labour, has surged in recent years. It’s reshaping modern work culture driven by technology, evolving work patterns, and the demand for agile solutions.

Populii, Tech Mahindra's response to the evolving trend, provides a platform for skilled workers to collaborate with top organisations in the gig working landscape.

Immersive fan experiences and a Sports Cloud platform

Another growing trend is the increased desire among sports fans for enhanced digital experiences, coupled with the rising adoption of technology-driven solutions by sports organisations.

In recent years, the sports industry has witnessed a surge in demand for enhanced digital experiences among fans, coupled with the adoption of technology-driven solutions by sports organisations.

The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated this digital transformation, prompting organisations to explore innovative ways to engage fans remotely due to restrictions on in-person attendance.  The Sports Cloud platform, built on AWS (Amazon Web Services), offers a comprehensive suite of digital capabilities for sports organisations, enabling them to engage fans more effectively and deliver dynamic and immersive stadium-to-home fan experiences.

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