The Shakti of Mahindra Home Finance

Through this campaign, MHF is recognising women who have shown the courage and gumption to take up unconventional job roles and responsibilities

Under the overarching mission of ‘Transforming Lives,’ Mahindra Home Finance (MHF) doesn't just serve its customers but also uplifts its women employees.

Traditionally, roles like collection managers, business managers, territory managers, cashiers, and credit managers were exclusively reserved for men. MHF has shattered these stereotypes by actively recruiting and nurturing women in traditionally male-dominated spheres. Through the Shakti campaign, MHF is celebrating these trailblazing women who defy norms and carve their path to success.

The campaign acknowledges the determination of these women, serving as a source of inspiration for our colleagues and society at large. Their stories, shared under the hashtag #shaktiofmhf, first rolled out in January 2023 and now in its next leg of the campaign, have resonated across social media platforms, starting conversations and driving change.

This is Trupti Parvadi’s story, the Manager – Litigation at the Head Office.



At MHF, diversity is fundamental value that fuels innovation and progress. By providing equal opportunities and a supportive environment, they are reshaping the landscape of the housing finance industry and fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment for all.

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