Brings you Safar Sajhedaari ka

The initiative is set to revolutionise India's insurance landscape by empowering individuals to become entrepreneurs.

Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd.’s (MIBL) Sajhedaari is a partnership programme initiated to utilise the IRDAI regulated Point of Sale Person (PoSP) model to partner and empower individuals to sell insurance through a digital insurance distribution platform.

Started in 2019, the programme is designed to identify potential partners locally, support them through training and knowledge sharing, and provide them with an end-to-end digital solution to help them extend insurance solutions to deeper pockets of the country. The programme strives to bring financial empowerment to the grassroots level by providing individuals with the tools and necessary support to succeed in the insurance industry.

Sajhedaari aims to empower more than 1 00 000 partners with a certification to act as a PoSP, with an end-to-end empanelment process which includes an online training course and an examination. Individuals with at least a 10th grade education can enrol in the programme and undergo the online training and certification.

Once certified, these individuals gain access to a comprehensive digital platform that enables them to extend insurance solutions to underserved communities, making the insurance process accessible. Paperless and seamless transactions designed around the needs of rural customers, will make the insurance process simple and hassle-free. This digital transactional mode is equipped to give speed, choice and convenience to both the sajhedaar (partner) and the end customer.

The benefits of Sajhedaari are twofold. Firstly, it provides customers with a seamless and convenient insurance experience, thanks to its digital transactional mode and secondly, it creates a stable source of income for PoSPs, allowing them to earn extra income at their convenience while serving their communities.

‘Safar Sajhedaari ka’ is a series of multiple videos capturing various stories about MIBL’s Sajhedaari programme and how it has financially empowered individuals towards self-employment. Let’s take a look.

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