Rajesh Dhuddu shares key insights into his transformative experiences at Tech Mahindra

According to Rajesh, his transformative experience in cybersecurity and the recognition he achieved as a ‘Global Leader’, shaped his journey at Tech Mahindra. He emphasises that the focus should not solely be on technology but on delivering unique customer experiences, solving challenging business problems, and generating new revenue streams.

He believes in demystifying complex technologies and practises, making them more understandable and relevant to end-users and decision makers.

For Rajesh, leadership is about helping individuals unlock their full potential and become extraordinary through consistent efforts.

He attributes his own success to never being fixated, always considering alternative plans, and embracing change without giving up.

Rajesh believes that conflicts can be managed by visualising the situation and accepting possible solutions. He encourages a strong intent to learn and emphasises the value of conversations with start-up founders, channel partners, team members, and other experts as invaluable learning channels.

Read his story here

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