More women on tractors and livelihoods on the field

Overcoming gender-based barriers

In India, 85% of rural women are engaged in agriculture, yet their role is often underestimated or overlooked. Besides gender-based barriers, they are not equipped with what they need to succeed in farming, e.g., modern farm technology like tractors and training to operate them.

Empowering and integrating rural women into the agricultural workforce can result in a significant shift towards economic growth. It will enhance food and nutrition security and alleviate poverty and hunger.

Livelihood through Farm Mechanization

Tractor driving is a crucial skill for modern agriculture as it helps increase productivity, reduce labour costs, and improve incomes. Additionally, by learning tractor driving, women farmers can operate tractors independently without having to depend on their male counterparts.

With an aim to #RiseForAMoreEqualWorld and support women in agriculture, the AFS CSR Team, in partnership with the NGO Centum Foundation, has launched a unique programme titled “Livelihood through Farm Mechanization" that aims to bridge the gender gap in farm mechanization and improve the penetration of farm mechanization in selected geographies.

Enabling rural women to Rise

This programme has already trained 720 beneficiaries across three FD plant locations, with 232 of them being women and 100% of them being first-time tractor drivers in their families.

The fact that 100% of the trainees have received learning licences and 80% have received permanent driving licences is an incredible achievement.

Moreover, the indirect benefits of the programme are also impressive: 626 farmers have benefited through the on-the-job training segment of the curriculum. The trainees have ploughed 1,599 acres of land using tractor mounted farm equipment, saving input costs of INR 34 lakh.

Programmes such as “Livelihood through Farm Mechanization” have enabled women to Rise and will continue to challenge gender norms and stereotypes.

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    Commitment to Nation Building and Women Empowerment
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