Mahindra’s first e-SUV is truly sustainable

At the beginning of its journey, the XUV400, Mahindra’s first electric SUV, crossed a very significant environmental milestone. The all-new e-SUV is produced in a 100% water-positive facility in Nashik, Maharashtra, using only renewable energy.

The energy saved in the making of these vehicles can illuminate more than 1,000 homes for a year, which is equivalent to planting 1 lakh trees.

The water-positive manufacturing setup saves more than 20,000 kilolitres of water and can provide water for 40,470 homes in a year!

The XUV400 is already the fastest-booked electric SUV in India, with 15,000 bookings in just 13 days. Mahindra also announced that by 2027, 20 to 30% of its passenger vehicles will be electric.

Take a look at how our first e-SUV was manufactured – setting a new benchmark for sustainability! Watch the video to find out why its extraordinary manufacturing is the future of eco-friendly mobility. 

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