Strengthening our ethical values

The recent leadership session conducted with K N 'Vaidy' Vaidyanathan, EVP & Group Chief Internal Auditor, shed light on the vital role of Internal Audit in upholding the company's vision statement and ensuring alignment with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes.

The Ethics and Governance framework

Under the Ethics and Governance framework, there are 400 + robust Ethics Counsellors across the Group. They strive to embed the code of conduct and governance policies in the Group’s culture.

Ethics Counsellors serve as the primary point of contact for employees facing ethical dilemmas, seeking guidance on the company's Code of Conduct, or seeking clarifications on other ethics policies. Their responsibility is to promote awareness of Mahindra's values and drive the adoption of ethical conduct and governance policies throughout the organisation.

The F24 Ethics Counsellor program

The F24 Ethics Counsellor program kicked off this year with a hybrid leadership session held on June 21, 2023. The esteemed guest speaker, K N 'Vaidy' Vaidyanathan, brought his extensive expertise of over 25 years in the financial services industry, primarily in asset management. As an alumnus of the University of Madras and the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, Vaidy's insights added immense value to the session.

During the interactive session, Vaidy emphasised the crucial role of Internal Audit in ensuring the company's vision statement is effectively translated into SOPs and processes. He elucidated the purpose and significance of audits, highlighting their role in determining the organisation's public posture. He guided the attendees on how to identify and assess three critical aspects: Posture, Policy, and Practice. These elements collectively reflect an organisation's public image and intended approach.

Strengthening our commitment to Ethics and Governance

Vaidy's session provided the Ethics Counsellors with valuable insights and perspectives, equipping them to better fulfil their role as champions of ethics within the Group. By sharing his expertise and emphasising the importance of Internal Audit in upholding ethical values, Vaidy inspired the Ethics Counsellors to drive positive change and further strengthen the commitment to ethics and governance within the organisation.

As the Ethics Counsellors continue to champion Mahindra's values and foster a culture of integrity, their dedication and commitment will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of our ethical framework.

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