Go behind the scenes of 'Digital Human - Anand'

Step into the extraordinary realm of digital humans, where cutting-edge technology and the art of conversation intertwine to create an unparalleled experience. You may already be acquainted with Mahindra Digital Engine’s ‘Digital Human – Anand’, the digital avatar of Anand Mahindra, an embodiment of advanced AI capabilities.

But have you wondered what lies behind the scenes of our extraordinary Digital Human? Our digital human goes beyond a mere visual representation; it offers a transformative conversational experience that fosters a deeper connection with the user. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), our digital human interacts with individuals in a manner that feels strikingly genuine, blurring the line between the virtual and the real.

An overview

Digital humans are computer-generated avatars that use Al and NLP (natural language processing) to interact with people in a way that feels like a real conversation. They can provide a more personalised and engaging experience for users, as they can respond to questions and provide assistance in a conversational manner. They can also be available 24/7, to provide information or support round the clock.

The building blocks of creating ‘Digital Human – Anand’

Character creation – from pixels to personality

Starting with the creation of a detailed mesh, the team sculpted the facial features, capturing every detail. The facial rig was carefully constructed to enable lifelike expressions and movements. Skin textures were applied, ensuring a hyper-realistic appearance. Wardrobe selection was crucial to matching Anand Mahindra's signature style. Refining the face involved scrutinising every detail, while basic movements were reviewed for a natural flow. Lighting and scene setup brought the digital human to life, enhancing realism. The result? A stunning digital replica, ready to engage with users in the most captivating and authentic manner.

Voice creation infusing life into his vocal identity

With emphasis on tone volume and cadence, the team was able to bring the character to life. The voice creation process involved capturing the unique essence of Anand Mahindra, ensuring each word resonated with authenticity. The voice creation aided the Digital Human's transformation, elevating its ability to engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.

Conversations that feel natural

The personality of a character is built through conversational design. Al helps the conversation flow and answer the questions in the most appropriate format.

What’s powering the conversations of our Digital Human - Anand?

Generative AI

Generative AI models, such as deep learning-based models, are trained on large datasets of human voices to learn the patterns of tonality, phonemes, and other elements of human speech. Fine-tuning techniques are then applied to the gen AI model to further refine its speech generation capabilities and align it with specific characteristics or personas.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP equips them with the capability to understand and respond to questions, enabling engaging and natural conversations. With the help of NLP, digital humans provide personalised experiences, offering tailored assistance and information. Natural Language Processing (NLP) suite of Watson is leveraged to derive the intent of the user and trigger a flow appropriate to the user’s questions and topic.

These advancements propel us towards a future where digital humans seamlessly blend into our daily lives, reshaping the way we interact, acquire knowledge, and engage with technology.

Have you engaged with our Digital Human yet? Say Hi to 'Digital Human - Anand' by clicking on this link.

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