Cultivating a culture of appreciation

Echo spoke to Sakshi Handa, Senior Vice President, Corporate HR & Group Talent, about the powerful tool driving engagement and collaboration across GCO

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., recently launched a Rewards & Recognition (R&R) portal, as part of an initiative that aims to celebrate achievements, both big and small, and create a ‘culture of appreciation’ at the workplace where everyone feels valued. The portal provides a platform for leaders and peers to recognise and appreciate the efforts of team members instantly, contributing to a more inclusive, fair, transparent and happy workplace.

The R&R portal offers a diverse range of recognition options, both monetary and non-monetary, allowing leaders and team members to choose based on the occasion and their specific needs. From smaller denominations for individual achievements to quarterly awards for exceptional team efforts, the portal provides a comprehensive bouquet of options to express appreciation.

During the conversation, Handa emphasised the power of the R&R portal as a tool for engagement, collaboration, and recognition. The portal provides a structured and organised way for team members, line managers, and leaders to recognise and appreciate each other's efforts. She also highlighted the importance of addressing the basic human need for recognition and appreciation, making the workplace more positive and supportive.

To further the ‘culture of appreciation’ the team will celebrate December 11 to 15 as Appreciation Week. The week aims to reiterate and foster a culture of appreciation, create a buzz using the R&R portal, and celebrate achievements while expressing gratitude to those who made them possible.

When asked about the future growth of the portal, Sakshi acknowledged that, being a recent launch, it will take time for individuals to fully recognise its importance. She envisioned more leaders and peers embracing the tool for motivation and engagement. Monthly usage checks and analytics will be employed to assess the portal's effectiveness across teams, allowing for timely interventions and support where needed.

She highlighted the portal’s potential for cross-functional collaboration. It can help set the right tone for recognition within teams and encourage appreciation across different functions within M&M Ltd. She also shared her personal experience of extending gratitude to individuals outside of HR through the portal, illustrating its effectiveness in fostering a culture of appreciation across functions.

So, go on appreciate someone today!

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