Resonance in rhythm: Mahindra’s musical odyssey

Embarking on a captivating sonic journey, Mahindra Group has harmonised its brand identity through a series of evocative songs that echo the company's unwavering philosophy and innovative products. These melodic expressions have represented Mahindra's evolution over the years, resonating with the hearts of millions. Each composition is a blend of emotions, aspirations, with the promise of a brighter future. Let’s delve into the symphonic odyssey that captures the essence of Mahindra's connection with its customers and the world.

Explore three tracks: the dynamic "Udaan Bharte Hai", embodying the spirit of unity and growth, the adventurous "Live Young, Live Free", which celebrates the pursuit of experiences, and the futuristic "Le Chalaang," a collaboration with music virtuoso AR Rahman that envisions an electrifying tomorrow.

Udaan Bharte Hai - Mahindra Rise Anthem 2022

The song is a collective anthem of triumph, aspirations, and unity. Celebrating the power of collaboration, it encapsulates Mahindra's commitment to shaping lives across the world. With brands like Mahindra Lifespaces, Tech Mahindra, and more by its side, ‘Udaan Bharte Hai’ exemplifies progress, ambition, and dreams fulfilled. It inspires us to defy limits, connect with the world, and rise together to new horizons.

This track was conceptualised by Ogilvy with lyrics by Piyush Pandey.

Live Young, Live Free

This composition, born in 2012 and reimagined over time, beckons the young and spirited to embrace freedom and seek adventures. Targeted at those who seek varied experiences, the new ad talks of freedom and adventure, and takes the core value proposition of 'Mahindra SUVs enabling lifestyle enhancing experiences' to the young. Transporting us from cityscapes to untamed terrains, it captures the essence of exploration and the joy of the journey. A symphonic blend of hard rock, dubstep, Carnatic, Hindustani, and folk, this track mirrors the diverse experiences and spirit of an entire generation.

The track was conceptualised by FCB Interface, with music direction by Mikey McCleary.

Le Chalaang, Charge Forward

"Le Chalaang," the recent symphonic collaboration between Mahindra and AR Rahman, emphasises the profound connection between music and the human experience. The sonic compositions were developed after Rahman spent time at Mahindra's testing facility in Kanchipuram, analysing the soundscapes of leading electric vehicles. With lyrics by Anvita Dutt Guptan (Hindi) and Kavingar Snehan (Tamil), the music is composed by AR Rahman, and sung by Alexandra Joy, Simran and Ria in Hindi and by Rakshita Suresh in Tamil, “Le Chalaang”, represents the leap towards unleashing an electrifying future through a timeless exploration of new possibilities.

Immerse yourself in the melodies and stories of these tracks, each a chapter in Mahindra's sonic evolution. After listening to each track, cast your vote for the one that reverberates with you the most.

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