Pioneering planet positivity: Mahindra Group’s path to a sustainable future

Mahindra's symbiotic relationship with the planet is a testament to their unique approach to sustainability. The Group views its connection with the Earth as a powerful coalition, harnessing the synergy between business and nature to drive transformation.

This commitment is expressed through a strategic roadmap that goes beyond mitigating impact, aiming for prosperity within planetary boundaries. The journey involves greening operations, sustainable product integration, decarbonising industries, and nurturing nature. Beyond business, Mahindra supports biodiversity, empowers communities, and extends sustainability principles throughout its supply chain.

The Mahindra Group merges profitability with sustainable growth, believing that what benefits the planet, benefits the business. This pursuit of balance between profit, purpose, and accountability defines the company’s path towards becoming a planet positive business, leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment and society.

Read the Mahindra Sustainability Report 2022-23 here or watch the Mahindra Sustainability Highlights for 2023

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