The Museum of Living History — expect the unexpected

We have done it again. We have been rediscovering and revolutionising key concepts to make them future-ready. This time, we have revolutionised the concept of museums. The Museum of Living History isn't just a peep into the past of the Group…it's a celebration of the present and a continuum to the future, connecting the historic richness of 75 years to the ever evolving present and the undiscovered future.

“It's a celebration of the philosophy, the DNA, the core values and the culture of the Mahindra Group, above all, it is a cornucopia of our stories, because it is our stories that define us. It is a living history museum, a museum in motion, because life is not static, our organisation is not static. So yes, the Mahindra Museum too, is a living, breathing entity in the ever-changing world of the Mahindra Group.

“It's a participative experience, it's an art gallery, it's an arcade, to play with beautiful things. It's tradition and it's technology. It is all these things because we, are all these things. So, expect the unexpected as you enter our world,” says Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group.

What is The Museum of Living History?

This museum is a celebration of the people of the Mahindra Group. The values, beliefs, and philosophy that have guided the Group and continue to shine a light on the path ahead.

The works of art within it have been created to reflect these values and are the result of years of research and the many stories shared by the people of Mahindra. The artworks, films and installations have been commissioned especially for this museum.

The bold logo of the museum essays the challenger spirit of Rise with its transformational gradient colour palette encased in a circle. It takes inspiration from every sunrise and sunset witnessed in the skies above, where one looks up to for hope, which champions the vision of the Mahindra Group that dares us to dream, push the boundaries with relentless optimism, and rise together with confidence so that we unlock the future for a better world with our present actions.

Where contemporary meets corporate 

The design vocabulary is rooted in the growth-spiral metaphor. In the context of the museum, it denotes the all-encompassing energy that springs out of the core belief and allows our organisation to expand exponentially.

The growth spiral occurs in many places in nature, including galaxies, nautilus, etc. We have replicated the growth spiral metaphor to make The Museum of Living History a place to pause and reflect, a threshold that separates the transactional world from a purposeful space, the mundane from the profound.

A design inspired by the shape and ancient spirit of the nautilus, this skylight, with its logarithmic spiral, signifies growth, expansion, and the constant renewal and regeneration of the Mahindra Group.

A visual vocabulary

The museum establishes our brand persona through key design components, including graphics, typeface, photography, illustration, written content, video, sculpture, and spatial presence that help establish a visual aesthetic.

The first section of the museum is the FORCE that drives us; the philosophy of Rise that is behind all work done at Mahindra and creates value for all stakeholders and, most importantly, the planet.

The Big Bang section showcases how Mahindra and India exploded into being simultaneously.

Each heritage film in the gallery depicts a decade of the company’s history since its inception and draws parallels with the progression of India as a country.

The highlight here are the stars in the Mahindra skies, the various industries and businesses. It also presents the countries in which Mahindra is present.

With a focus on innovation, this section showcases how clever thinking, both simple and profound, ensures the Group keeps taking quantum leaps into the future.

Take a moment to experience the present and watch how time is ever changing. Walk through, breach the present, and step into the future.

Brimming with futuristic ideas, it is a space where anything is possible – innovative, pioneering, and cutting-edge concepts and technologies. If you sit in the amphitheatre and gaze upwards through the skylight, you'll be reminded that even the sky isn't the limit anymore.

The museum serves as a place for the community to meet collectively. Programmes conducted in the amphitheatre will energise Mahindra associates to learn, collaborate and celebrate. The adjacent Zen garden provides a tranquil space to think, reflect, and meditate.


The art objects on display represent the non-negotiable practice of choosing ethics above any other compulsion of business.

The Mahindra Group is anchored in ethics and integrity. This was recognised by the Jehangir Ghandy Award for industrial and social peace presented to Keshub Mahindra.

This object, made of chalk, captures the Mahindra Group's respect for diversity. People from different backgrounds, various cultures and geographies, of different age groups, and from a variety of businesses work together at the Group. An open, supportive culture means more ideas, solutions, and alternate perspectives are shared.

Stay ahead of the game and find your way out of situations to emerge the winner. Mahindra's foresight and agile thinking have enabled the Group to quickly adapt to and evolve with the shifting needs of people.

Get in the original Mahindra Formula E race-car simulator, buckle up, and go! This is the same simulator that the Season 3 Formula E drivers trained on!

Come explore and experience this surreal space! 

The museum has been conceptualised by design and creative consultant, Elsie Nanji, and ‘experience’ designer, Harsh Manrao. It accommodates specially commissioned art pieces that tell the story of Mahindra’s core values and principles, its various businesses, its rich history, and its outlook for the future. One can expect to find within this unique space, the unexpected - delicately carved chalk figurines by Alijan Sheikh, installation pieces by Sara Lovari, a large Dreamcatcher by Jaideep Mehrotra, an original Formula-E race car, and animation films created by young illustrators are some of the unique elements binding the true spirit of the museum and showcasing the philosophy of Rise.

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