Can you identify the artwork in the given puzzle?

The museum displays objects designed by some of the most celebrated artists in the country. There are other objects that we, at Mahindra, have kept very close to our hearts. Objects whose stories we have heard from Day 1 of us joining the organisation. Objects that tell the story of Rise. Below is a picture of one such objects being placed in a museum. Can you guess what this is? You don’t necessarily have to have visited the museum to guess this object.

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  • Hrutvik Joshi 1 year ago
    Email: [email protected]. The picture is the representation of our rise philosophy. The endless road to the mountains that keeps 'rising' higher and higher is how we plan to emulate our businesses as well. Milestones on the road are short term objectives and obstacles faced that have to be overcome. The rainbow and the star is what guides us and the ultimate objective that we keep in mind
  • Kapil Ved 1 year ago
    This is nothing but the MAHINDRA LOGO - Which shows the Road Map - & - the WAY FOARWARD with having the 03 RISE Pillar in the mind - which are the CORE VALUES of Mahindra Group. - Kapil Ved
  • Mitesh Jadhav 1 year ago
    general email address: [email protected] Answer: It is the picture that explains beautifully Mahindra's core values, core purpose, vision and strategy. The path depicts the road that all Mahindra's businesses have to take to provide value to customers as the competition gets stiffer and stiffer. Milestones around the road are the goals, the vision that each business achieves through its individual strategy. Rainbow is the core purpose, which is that, Mahindra will challenge conventional thinking to drive positive change, thereby helping people Rise. North Star represents Mahindra's core values. North Star lights the path and guides the Mahindra federation upward.
  • SANDIP NIKAM 1 year ago
    Its a complete nature in one frame, And same things is in Mahindra group !!! If we follow the path we will see the Rainbows, even if there are many hurdle's like mountains..
  • PRIYESH BHATT 1 year ago
    It has clearly seen that the weather is amazing having blue sky spreading different colors of rainbow. It has a single calm road in between the rocky & muddy mountains heading towards to the beach connecting to the bank of river towards ocean. The missing parts must have a small township in between the mountains with a small garden having trees & children playing in that ground. And people transacting brotherhood & small entrepreneurships with each other. And birds were also missing in it. That would be a complete painting if missing parts would connect.
  • Shamick Lahiri 1 year ago
    This is a picture of a road winding up the mountain (with milestones, rainbow and north star), drawn by a 10 year old girl. It represents the core value(north star), core purpose(rainbow), vision(milestones) and strategy(road from one milestone to other) of Mahindra group.
  • Satinder Pal 1 year ago
    Rainbow Mountain
  • Satinder Pal 1 year ago
    Hilly road with Rainbow Scene