Grabbing life’s opportunities

A resident of Delhi, Briju Ram has had quite a journey. The 43-year-old is a quadruple amputee, but that didn’t stop him from being his family’s breadwinner. Briju had been confidently driving a modified vehicle for five years. This was the only way he could support his family, including his wife, elderly father and two young children.

Despite all the hardships he faced, Briju always remained positive. This personality trait of Briju is evident in a short video that was recorded of him on the job. The online video caught the attention of many, including our Chairman Anand Mahindra, and would eventually turn Briju’s life around.

Impressed by his tenacity, Mr Mahindra shared the video on Twitter and asked if he could work as a Business Associate for eDeL, Mahindra Logistics Limited’s (MLL’s) electric last-mile delivery service. The MLL team met Briju and offered him a job at its eDeL vehicle charging station in Chattarpur, New Delhi.


Briju became a part of the Mahindra family in January 2022 and currently oversees the charging of eDeL vehicles at the station. His hard work has impressed his colleagues, and Briju feels happy about his new role and responsibilities. “I never thought that I would be working for a big company like Mahindra. From driving a modified vehicle to working as a business associate, it has been a huge change. I am thankful to my colleagues and supervisor who have enabled me to Rise,” says Briju.

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