14,000 XUV700s delivered in less than 90 days

In a testimony to Mahindra’s capabilities, the company announced that it had met its commitment of billing the first 14,000 XUV700s by January 2022, despite various global supply chain challenges.

It also announced that the XUV700 had clocked almost 100,000 bookings since its commencement on October 7, 2021. It will be the fastest for an SUV to reach India's 1 lakh booking milestone upon completion. The XUV700 has also attracted newer segments, with many first-time buyers for the brand. It has further strengthened Mahindra’s Automatic and Petrol offerings, with 60% and 35% of the bookings coming in for these variants, respectively.

The company also stated that while dynamic supply chain issues continue to be a challenge in streamlining and ramping up production, it is doing its best and focusing on meeting its committed delivery timelines to customers. Given the unprecedented bookings and the continued strong demand for the XUV700, the waiting period for a majority of the variants stands at 6-10 months, while the AX7 series has a waiting period of well over 12 months.

Mahindra Automotive also recently recognised the efforts of Indian athletes and lauded their trailblazing performance at the Tokyo Olympic and Tokyo Paralympic games. In addition to the specially designed XUV700s already gifted to other medal winners, yet another custom-made vehicle was recently delivered to Avani Lekhara for her performance in the 10m air rifle standing at the Tokyo Paralympic 2021. Mahindra was privileged to customise the XUV700 to cater to her accessibility needs while also including subtle design elements to immortalise Avani’s historic performance.

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