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A beacon of hope for people in need

A native of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Jitendra Shinde’s story is an inspiring one. Every morning, he leaves home in a PPE suit so that he can help people who need his autorickshaw service to get to the hospitals.

“Every person travelling in my auto is important, and I make sure to write down their details in my diary, in case they need further assistance. Till now, I have given rides to many differently-abled individuals, pregnant women and more than 1,000 Covid-19 patients,” he says.

Jitendra is a modern-day hero, and even though his Covid-19 relief work began in March 2020, his mission to help people in need has been operational since 2016, following a personal tragedy. He explains, “Five years ago, my mother and sister needed immediate medical attention. We desperately tried to get an ambulance but to no avail. That moment of sheer helplessness became a life-long lesson and, eventually, my life’s purpose. Since then, I have been providing this service. When the pandemic struck, I realised that my services would become even more crucial.”

His 24X7 service receives over 100 calls per day, and he has spent more than INR 3.5 lakh from his savings for this humanitarian cause. Jitendra doesn’t limit his work to just transporting people; he even goes out of the way to record the number of vacant beds in quarantine centres and hospitals. He also provides delivery services of essential goods, such as medicine and groceries for those quarantined at home. Jitendra has also transported unclaimed bodies of deceased Covid-19 patients to perform the last rites.

“Every time I get a call from one of my passengers thanking me or telling me that they have recovered, I feel extremely happy. It is this joy that keeps me going and inspires me to continue this work every day,” he concludes.

Mahindra salutes Jitendra Shinde for the selfless work he’s done and the way he has helped people in these testing times so bravely. #Rise #PeopleWhoRise #TogetherWeRise

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