Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™

Mahindra brings the world’s best library to India for its employees

Shifts in the external environment (the Covid pandemic being the most recent one) and digitisation have been driving business changes at a pace like never before. This means that roles are constantly changing, and both leaders and employees need to continually upskill and reskill themselves. Thus, learning has become a strategic lever to drive change and transformation within organisations.

At Mahindra, the learning and development strategy has been to create an ecosystem, which gives employees the ability to develop skills and provides them with growth opportunities. The outcome of this strategy has been Mahindra Leadership University (MLU) signing up for Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™. The micro-byte content library offers more than 20,000 content items that help employees build over 60 skills, which help them lead themselves, lead others and lead the business.

The platform, which was launched on May 17, 2021, offers a highly personalised learning experience. Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ is fuelled by the latest and best content across domains — leadership, management, behaviour, customer experience, technology, finance and manufacturing.

What sets Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ apart is that it:

  • Personalises learning for the employee
  • Develops talent with relevant and recommended learning resources
  • Engages learners with curated, updated content on a wide range of topics
  • Leverages proven approaches to leadership development
  • Integrates learning into busy work schedules
  • Creates a community of social learning
  • Targets common, challenging skills with Skill Builders and pathways
  • Keeps career development top of mind with goals and reminders

Speaking at the Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ orientation session, Ruzbeh Irani, President, Group HR and Communications; and Member of the Group Executive Board, M&M Ltd., said: “Attitude, effort and learning agility are three important traits of a leader. You need to continuously upskill and reskill yourself if you are going to progress in today’s world. Learning has to be contextualised to business needs and has to be intermeshed with what we do daily. This is why we are providing a personalised platform like Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™, which has over 20,000 bite-sized nuggets that help blend learning in the flow of work. It has rich content that straddles different roles.”

“The pace of change and innovation has dramatically accelerated due to the pandemic and digitisation. The question is not whether company leaders and employees have the right skills but whether they can learn new ones. Evidence shows that learning agility is one of the strongest predictors of success in a role. So, to keep pace with this disruption, business leaders must become lifelong learners. Learning at its core is not difficult today if you make time and are intentional about it,” said Vinay Hebbar, Senior Vice President, International Markets; and Member of the Executive Committee at Harvard Business Publishing.

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    Yes, Awaiting further details to lookinto courses ..
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    Pls. share the registration process.. any URL / Login Credentials etc
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    how do we register for the same?
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