Streamlining Cloud Operations to Improve Efficiency

Tech Mahindra has just launched iCOPS, an intelligent cloud operations and subscription management platform for global enterprises. The end-to-end platform reinforces the company’s abilities to deliver a unified management experience across hybrid and multi-cloud operations with a focus on enhancing compliance and security for enterprises.

Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxt charter has continually focused on leveraging next-generation technologies like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, and the internet of things to disrupt and enable digital transformation, and to build cutting-edge technology solutions and services for global enterprises. “Tech Mahindra invested in developing the iCOPS platform as part of our CloudNxT methodology,” said Vivek Gupta, Vice President and Head, Global Cloud Services, Tech Mahindra.

iCOPS will help companies get the benefits of simplified cloud operations, reduced cloud spends and comprehensive visibility across operations. It simplifies and streamlines cloud operations and improves efficiency by leveraging AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) and analytics with data security and cost optimisation across all cloud environments.

The iCOPS platform comprises pre-figured core and integrated software for public cloud operations to ensure a unified view across all enterprise IT operations – Cloud, infrastructure or network. When amalgamated with TACTiX, Tech Mahindra’s infrastructure operations platform, mPAC 3.0 – the company’s hybrid and multi-Cloud platform, and NetOPs.ai, iCOPS will support enterprises to build a single view across all enterprise IT operations.

The focus areas of this platform include:

  • TechOps - for automated day-to-day tasks and deployment for zero downtime – for proactive problem resolution
  • SecOps - for on zero vulnerability with operations security for hardening, backup, monitoring, operations and Cloud platform governance
  • DevOps - for on zero manual interventions with integration with DevOps
  • FinOps - for on continuous cost management and metrics driven cost optimisation

“By combining AIOps, Analytics and DevOps, iCOPS will help enterprises move towards a ‘zero-touch cloud operations’ model while ensuring complete security and transparency in operations,” said Mr Gupta. This will help Tech Mahindra be the partner of choice for streamlining multi-Cloud operations, he added.

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