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How’s the Josh?’

On the heels of Swaraj Tractors’ Mera Swaraj ad campaign comes a rousing new brand campaign – Josh ka Raaz Mera Swaraj that highlights the feeling of pride, ownership and togetherness among its stakeholders, especially the farmer customers.

“We believe Mera Swaraj brings out the josh (passion / enthusiasm) in all of us, in everything we do,” said Harsh Chavan, CEO, Swaraj Tractors. The campaign was launched to define the successful, longstanding association between Brand Swaraj and its customers.

The Josh ka Raaz Mera Swaraj campaign communicates how Swaraj Tractors fuel customers’ passion as a true companion in their farmland. A new Swaraj Tractors’ manifesto has been released with the campaign to describe Josh – the passion and enthusiasm of the stakeholders to take on any challenge and inspire Swaraj engineers to design powerful, rugged, reliable tractors. “This josh is reflected in the ability of our powerful tractors that perform the best across the length and breadth of our country,” remarked Mr Chavan.

Crafted by FCB Interface, the Josh ka Raaz Mera Swaraj campaign also indicated the changing face of Swaraj in times to come.

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