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Dr. Anish Shah on Mahindra's growth and EV strategy at Davos 2024
In a Bloomberg TV interview at Davos, Dr. Anish Shah expressed confidence in India's economic surge, predicting 8% growth next year. He also emphasised the diverse growth prospects across Mahindra's ventures, spanning electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, tractors, IT services and more. Dr. Shah discussed the launch of five electric SUVs, anticipating substantial demand and a potential game-changing pricing strategy. He assured continued competitiveness in the EV space and hinted at a sixth model. Regarding AI, he expressed confidence in human adaptability, leading to new opportunities and affirmed Mahindra's commitment to workforce evolution and skill development. Read more

Programme for ESG practitioner certification
The Mahindra Institute of Quality (MIQ) and Group Sustainability launched a 10-day programme aimed at cultivating ESG knowledge and skills among managers. Conducted in three phases the programme offers a unique blend of ESG concepts, methodologies, tools and best practices, culminating in the ‘Certified ESG Practitioner’ certification. With a focus on climate change, resource depletion, social inequality and governance, the programme equips participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills to address these challenges. Facilitated by distinguished GRI-certified professionals, AFS/Group sustainability practitioners and sustainability academics from IIT-Mumbai and Ohio State University-USA, the first phase was conducted at MIQ-Nasik campus.

Mahindra Aerostructures expands relationship with Airbus
Mahindra Aerostructures Pvt. Ltd. (MASPL) and Airbus Aerostructures GmbH have inked a new agreement for the production and delivery of metallic components for all Airbus commercial aircraft models. Under this contract, MASPL will supply nearly 5000 types of metallic components to Airbus in Germany from its Indian manufacturing base. This reinforces the longstanding collaboration between the two entities, with MASPL being a direct supplier to Airbus since 2015. The contract signifies a continued commitment to quality, as evident in MASPL's recognition as a D2P "Challenger" and an "A" level in Airbus Industrial Process Capability Assessment (IPCA+). Read more

Mahindra introduces Supro Profit Truck Excel
The Supro Profit Truck Excel series is a new addition to Mahindra’s Small Commercial Vehicles (SCVs) line-up, offering Diesel and CNG Duo variants. Building on the success of the Supro platform, this series aims to redefine last-mile connectivity with enhanced power, style, safety and comfort. The Diesel variant is priced at ₹ 6.61 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), and the CNG DUO variant at ₹ 6.93 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Supro Profit Truck Excel series aligns with Mahindra's commitment to versatile platforms, providing various engine and fuel options, modern style, advanced safety features, and technology enhancements. Read more

Tech Mahindra launches an ESG risk assessment platform
i.Riskman is an Environmental, Social and Governance risk assessment platform designed to empower organisations in identifying, assessing and managing climate-related risks. The platform offers a centralised solution for enterprise risk management, featuring an automated risk register, flexibility, agility and scalability. i.Riskman provides real-time analysis, access to the latest climate models, advanced data visualisation, and analytics, equipping organisations with a comprehensive and automated view of their climate-related risk landscape and allowing them to manage the financial impact with up to 95 percentile accuracy. Read more

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