Mahindra AI’s multimodal journey unveiled

In an exclusive interview with Echo, Mohit Kapoor, Group Chief Technology Officer, sheds light on the innovative journey of Mahindra AI and its pivotal role in shaping the future of the organisation

What was the genesis of Mahindra AI and how is it built innovatively?

Data & AI has been a big accelerator at the Mahindra Group. With the evolution of large language models (LLMs), we recognised early on the transformative potential LLMs can play in driving innovation. Given how this new breed of Gen AI is designed to understand, process and generate human like content, we took a bold bet to be future ready by building a universal platform called Mahindra AI. The platform is available to all our businesses to turbocharge their generative AI and co-pilot use cases by using company data that remain within the boundaries of the organisation and responses are tuned to the context of the domain we operate in. Further, care has been taken to build a responsible AI platform, through various techniques such as training on enterprise data and reinforcement learning from human feedback, to ensure that biases in data, if any, are minimised.   

How can Mahindra employees across functions use this platform? For e.g., an accountant, a brand and marketing professional and so on...

Mahindra AI for enterprise use is an interesting and promising space where users can securely upload their documents and leverage Gen AI to help summarise, infer, transform and generate new content while maintaining confidentiality of the data. For creative use, the platform enables marketing teams to generate social media posts in different languages, enabling quick execution of marketing strategies. Additionally, it excels at analysing documents with large data sets and tables, making it valuable for finance teams. It has also been assisting our IT team with tasks such as log analysis and summarising of previous IT issues. Soon many employee transactions within the company will be powered by Mahindra AI.

How do you foresee the platform developing in future?

While the first wave of LLMs was around text, the next wave is around multimodal capabilities and Mahindra AI is moving towards these capabilities enabling transitions between text, image, and video data. The other shift is rise of domain specific model such as financial analytics models, supply chain models, customer service models etc. addressing specific business challenges particularly. We foresee businesses using the platform largely to enhance customer experience through Gen AI-powered interactions. This, in turn, will unlock hyper-personalisation opportunities. Some of our businesses are already in the advanced stages of rolling out these innovations.

With the infusion of new services and ongoing pilot initiatives in manufacturing plants, our platform is geared towards unlocking operational efficiencies, improving inventory management and enhancing customer service. Recognising this accelerating trend, Mahindra AI stands ready to meet and exceed these expectations.


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