Mahindra Logistics unveils 'Desh Chaalak': A book honouring Indian drivers

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, and Mahindra Logistics unveiled a book titled 'Desh Chaalak' at an event in New Delhi. Authored by Ramesh Kumar, a prominent journalist and industry veteran with a deep understanding of the driver community, the book serves as a tribute to the unsung heroes — the drivers of India.

'Desh Chaalak' acknowledges and honours the silent contribution of India's drivers to the growth of the country. The book also highlights the life on the road for these drivers, and their trials and tribulations that they overcome in the multitude of journeys they undertake. Comprising a collection of 30 stories based on real-life experiences, 'Desh Chaalak' is a captivating account of their journeys on the road.

Gadkari expressed his admiration for the drivers of India and the vital role they play in the country's economic progress.

The launch event also witnessed Mahindra Logistics awarding scholarships to the children of drivers, further emphasising their commitment to the welfare of the driver community

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