Seeds of change: Mahindra Group’s commitment to sustainability

World Environment Day, observed on June 5, every year, promotes the importance of conserving our Mother Earth. The theme for World Environment Day changes each year to address various environmental challenges and encourage specific actions. Some past themes include, "Ecosystem Restoration," and "Time for Nature." This year's theme, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ emphasized on reducing plastic usage, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable living.

At Mahindra, we actively contribute to a better and sustainable planet through initiatives like energy saving, water positivity and tree plantation under Project Hariyali.

The Group CSR team distributed 275 Kgs of seeds across various Group locations on the occasion of World Environment day. To commemorate this day, Esops Champions were encouraged to organize activities tailored to their local communities. Suggestions included plantation drives, raising awareness about the adverse effects of plastic pollution on humans and wildlife, and assessing individual plastic footprints using The Happy Turtle, an online resource.

Let’s take a look at how Mahindraites celebrated World Environment Day

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