Empowering women leaders: Celebrating the success of our Young Women Auditors

YWA's journey to empowerment

In June 2021, 12 women leaders at the Group initiated the YWA (Young Women Auditors) to empower women in the Corporate Management Services (CMS) and set a precedent for the entire organisation. The YWA aims to tackle career development challenges, manage inherent conflicts, break myths about women's suitability for certain roles, and enhance diversity and inclusion at Corporate Management Services (CMS).

An inspiring kick-off

To mark the kick-off, a virtual Teams meeting brought together a diverse group of women leaders. The women leaders introduced themselves, shared their experiences, offered guidance, coaching and, most importantly, included the YWA at CMS in the overall ‘Women Professionals at the Mahindra Group’ interactions, both, work and otherwise. The event fostered positive feedback, further fuelling the enthusiasm of YWA at CMS.

First anniversary celebration

On June 11, 2022, Team CMS celebrated YWA's first anniversary with enthusiasm. Team YWA's heart-warming recitation of an adapted poem on women empowerment from Amitabh Bachchan's movie "Pink" touched the hearts of everyone present.

The second anniversary: A tribute to Draupadi

On June 23, 2023, the YWA celebrated their second anniversary with a special event. The team presented a mini act based on the life of Draupadi from the Mahabharat, aiming to showcase the complex emotions of women. The event featured excerpts from Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's book "Palace of Illusions" and was graced by esteemed guests, T.N. Manoharan, Ramesh Iyer, and Ruzbeh Irani.

Empowering women and driving success

The YWA gets together once a month to discuss various topics ranging from technical to career growth to personal issues by inviting women guest speakers to share their experiences. They have also recently ventured into various other activities, such as spending a day at an NGO, conducting sessions on health and lifestyle and a session on reflections and impressions within the team.

As a team, the YWA also participates in sports championships with other corporates, this includes badminton, table tennis and box cricket. They brought home the runners up trophy in badminton in 2022.

As the YWA continues to grow and inspire, their impact on the personal and professional lives of women at CMS remains profound. By celebrating diversity and empowering women leaders, YWA sets the stage for a more inclusive and successful future for the entire organisation.

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