For our leaders, sustainability is personal

At Mahindra, sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility but a deep personal commitment. We believe that change must be driven at the individual level to make a positive impact on the planet. And the same goes for our leaders. Here's how they are making the commitment to sustainability personal.

By implementing these suggestions, our leaders aim to create a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

We encourage all Mahindraites to build this chain of thoughts further and add to the list of ways you are making sustainability personal.

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  • World Turtle Day, observed every year on May 23, raises awareness about the lifestyle and habitats of turtles and their crucial roles in ecosystems. Our Club Mahindra properties at Varca and Puducherry are located near turtle nesting beaches, offering its guests unique opportunities to witness this remarkable event.
  • In celebration of the International Day for Bio Diversity (May 22) this year's theme is 'Be part of the Plan.' How are you being part of the plan?
    1. Supporting conservation efforts in my local community
    2. Advocating for biodiversity-friendly policies
    3. Educating others about the importance of biodiversity
    4. Making sustainable choices in my daily life