Car&Bike: Port of call for all motorheads!

Car&Bike, the vehicle reselling arm of Mahindra Group, has created value by leveraging its infrastructure to build a pre-owned car ecosystem by bridging wholesale and retail channels.

Value creation in the pre-owned car segment 

By placing our automotive business at the centre, Car&Bike was able to create a lot of value in the larger ecosystem. The company employs a young, agile, and nimble-footed team, capable of bringing in disruptive innovation.

Car&Bike, previously Mahindra First Choice Wheels, ventured into the ‘aftermarket’ space in 2008. Over the years, the company has emerged as one of the strongest players in its segment.  

Car&Bike brings its expertise in the pre-owned market to the table at a time when the auto industry is on the verge of a digital revolution, with customers looking for new ways to research and purchase vehicles.

Key focus areas in the coming months 

  • Strengthening content leadership  
  • Adding new services for prospective car and two-wheeler customers
  • Developing an evolved user experience to connect with those looking to buy used cars
  • Focus on upcoming industry challenges on regulation related to safety and emissions, as well as ground-breaking technologies

What makes this automotive platform unique? 

  • Car&Bike lists over 42 manufacturers and 336 models to help users and prospective buyers make an informed choice 
  • The business offers technology solutions to all stakeholders in the automotive industry at various points in the buy-and-sell value chain 
  • Users can browse new cars, upcoming cars, car price, car dealers, car reviews, and compare various car models
  • The platform has an enviable bank of stories, articles, knowledge series specials, and reviews, making it a popular hangout spot for car and bike enthusiasts.
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