Farm Equipment Sector: Sowing the seeds of smart farming

Through Krish-e, Mahindra FES intends to innovate the centuries-old agricultural practices in India and increase the earning potential of farmers. It introduces the concept of ‘smart farming,’ which is a fine blend of agriculture with advanced technologies such as AI, big data, and the cloud.

Digital era in agriculture

Launch of Krish-e to maximise the income potential of farmers and value chain players, sustainably.

Strategic purpose

  • Improve customer engagement through innovative farming services
  • Farm Advisory
  • Equipment Rental
  • Used equipment marketplace

“Krish-e is already making a difference to farming outcomes through its services, which amalgamate agronomy, mechanisation, and digitisation. Through Krish-e, we have already impacted over 1 lakh farmers, with solutions tailored to demonstrate impact on cultivation costs, crop health and productivity,” says Ramesh Ramachandran, Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Farming-as-a Service, M&M Ltd.

What have we achieved?

  • 20,000+ tractors and harvesters
  • 10mn+ hours data captured
  • 100+ tractor models supported
  • 4mn+ area covered
  • International deployments in Africa

Krish-e Precision Farming solutions gather soil, crop, and machine data using a variety of sensors and cameras on the farm, drones, satellites, and farm equipment.

Making smart Indian farmers

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