Mahindra Group sets an ambition to develop its future leaders from its ranks

The conception of MALT

This strategic initiative was spearheaded by the troika comprising Amit Kumar Sinha, President Group Strategy Office & Member of Group Executive Board, Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer & Head, Marketing and Rajeshwar Tripathi, Chief Human Resources Officer-AFS & Member of Group Executive Board.

They developed a game-changing leadership programme called "MALT: Mahindra Accelerated Leadership Track," with inputs from several GEB members, especially Ruzbeh Irani, President, Group HR & Member of the Group Executive Board.

MALT’s primary goal and focus

The accelerated leadership track focuses on attracting, developing, and challenging deserving mid-level professionals from across the Mahindra Group. MALT's primary goal is to strengthen the leadership pipeline by accelerating the development of mid-level professionals who will eventually hold senior most leadership positions across Group companies.
During the selection process, mid-level professionals with strong problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and a proven track-record were hand-picked for this leadership track.

A year-long journey

MALT is a year-long journey comprising of three week-long development seminars focusing on various business-related topics such as financial analysis, investment and valuation, strategy and leadership, and new-age technology skills.

The inauguration

The first batch of MALT was inaugurated by Dr. Anish Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Mahindra Group, Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director-AFS and Ramesh Iyer, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Mahindra Finance, along with Mr. Ruzbeh Irani, President Group HR and other GEB members in November 2021. The first batch of 34 associates, who began their journey in January 2022, graduated on January 11, 2023.

The second seminar of MALT batch 1 – an unique initiative

The second seminar of MALT batch-1 was hosted at the Tepper School of Business, Pittsburgh, USA. In this seminar, MALT associates got the opportunity to interact with some of the best faculty in the world.

Some other unique aspects of this year-long journey are bimonthly master classes hosted by Group Executive Board members, live Business Capstone Projects, Active Mentorship and Coaching Sessions by Hogan Certified professionals, where the associates understand their own personalities along with various leadership styles and different personality types, which allows them to learn collaboration in their leadership journey. 

MALT batch 2 

The second batch of 42 associates, who embarked on their one year-long journey was welcomed on the same day Batch 1 graduated.

They had an opportunity to network with the graduating MALT batch 1 associates as well as several Mahindra leaders. The first batch of MALT associates reported having a fantastic learning experience throughout the three seminars.

Feedback from the associates

The MALT associates felt that seminars were exceptionally rewarding experience, which exceeded their expectations with regards to learning and their ability to connect with talented colleagues across the group and build a strong perspective around new edge businesses such as AI, ML, etc.

Stay tuned.

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