Innovation in the face of adversity

The timelessness of Rise values

Over the years, Rise has been our guiding star to create an impact, no matter the adversities one is faced with. Individuals who have demonstrated this dedication to their mission and values are recognised for their efforts.

One such moving story is that of Tushaar Sharma from the sourcing division of Swaraj. His story is a prime example of his focused vision, despite the odds.

Rising above personal crisis

In 2014, Swaraj was undergoing a major upgrade in terms of operational efficiency in one of its units that manufactured blockbuster products. A change in design was proposed, for which to be validated, two  drive shafts had to be replaced and tested in the field. This had to be implemented in 10 days. Stiff deadlines were put in place, a detailed plan for each day was drawn, stages of manufacture were visualised and planned in depth. The target date for delivery was April 19, 2014.

But on the evening of April 17, Tushaar’s team hit a major roadblock. While driving back from the supplier after having collected the prized drive shafts, Tushaar met with a major accident in which his car was badly damaged. Though in a state of shock and in need of first-aid, the project targets were still on his mind. Despite his condition, he transferred the drive shafts to his parents’ car.

Failing this, there could have been major delays, but Tushaar’s preemptive action of removing the drive shafts from the damaged car, ensured timely submission of the components. This in turn ensured the field testing of the proposed design changes.

Turning challenges into opportunity

The change in design was a direct result of customer demand. Keeping in mind the customer-focused vision, it was ensured that the required design changes were implemented at the earliest possible point in the model.

The development time of just 10 days was a very stiff target to achieve. Even within that target framework, the team member’s accident of the team member could have jeopardised all of the hard work done. But the individual ownership and dedication displayed by Tushaar was exemplary. The resolve shown in such a crisis was a result of the maturity gained on the job and personal growth of the individual.

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