Mahindra’s Women Safety Ambassadors forge a safer tomorrow

The inaugural Women Safety Ambassador Programme on July 27 and 28, 2023, conducted by Mahindra Institute of Quality and Central Safety Council, marked a significant stride towards nurturing a safety culture. Designed to provide participants with knowledge that extends to workplaces, homes, and communities, the programme emphasised the importance of injury prevention, workplace safety, fire precautions, and more. The objectives were clear: to promote and nurture a robust safety culture, implement best practices in workplaces, and create safer environments.

The role of Safety Ambassadors is pivotal, requiring active involvement in promoting safety behaviours, acting as role models, spreading safety messages, and aiding in enhancing safety conditions.

The programme coordinated by Rajinder Singh Dean-MIQ and hosted by M&M’s Farm Division Jaipur was inaugurated by Pankaj Sonalkar, Director -MIQ and Nachiket Kodkani, Sr VP-FD for 42 participants from various sectors of the Mahindra Group. The programme unfolded over two days, with comprehensive sessions led by qualified safety professionals, namely, Arun Joshi, Member Secretary- Central Safety Council, Ganesh Wagh, Head – Safety, Health, and Environment, AD Kandivali and Ruchita Agare, Safety officer Mahindra Logistics.

The sessions

In sessions ranging from the basics of safety to electrical safety, home and kitchen safety, and office fire safety, participants gained insights crucial for their safety and the safety of others. Day 2 continued with sessions on road safety, office ergonomics, behaviour-based safety, and stress management. The programme's emphasis on empowering participants resonated through real-life anecdotes, such as a participant’s account of dealing with a gas leak.

Ganesh Wagh highlighted how this initiative aimed to equip participants with safety measures, not just within the factory premises, but also in their homes and daily lives.

The programme’s impact was evident from the positive response, and knowledge enhancement observed among the participants. The carefully designed schedule ensured that participants were prepared to spread safety awareness and knowledge, acting as true safety ambassadors within their sectors and communities.

Through this initiative, Mahindra has exemplified its commitment to safety, diversity, and the empowerment of its workforce.

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