‘Mahindra revs up on a comeback trail’

In an article published in The Economic Times, journalists Ketan Thakkar and Ashutosh R Shyam discuss in great detail the vital turnaround strategy at Mahindra & Mahindra that propelled the home-grown automaker into the premium passenger market, executed during the turbulent years of the Covid-19 pandemic, and what’s in store for the future.

Key takeaways

The turnaround strategy: Mahindra goes back to its roots and the conception of Mahindra Thar
After weeks of deliberation, the verdict was unanimous. M&M would bring its focus back to its core: authentic SUVs with an unmissable presence and adventure-ready capabilities.

It would go back to its lineage of disruptive products like Scorpio, Bolero, and XUV and stay away from cars, fleets, and MPVs.

“We felt those were the segments where we had a right to win. It would help us be number one in the core SUV segment,” remembers Rajesh Jejurikar.

As the first Covid-19 wave waned, the new Mahindra Thar premiered virtually on August 15, 2020 — it was the first major Covid baby.

The way forward: Rebranding the visual identity 
Mahindra changed its visual identity for SUVs, and marketing and communication led from the front. With the brand-new logo and a sharper focus, M&M unleashed a digital marketing push.

The future is electric Mahindra’s Born Electric Vision  
Exactly two years from the date of unveiling Thar, the grand vision for EV was unveiled on August 15, 2022 – underlining the swiftness of M&M’s decision-making process.

Mahindra announced a billion-dollar plan to invest in EVs, and it unveiled five electric SUVs with a new EV brand, BE, that will hit the roads in the next three years. And a contract to source parts for a million vehicles by 2030 from European automobile major Volkswagen.

Read the article to find out more about the game-changing boardroom strategies that brought M&M back on the SUV map

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