Living by Mahindra Logistics’ Code of Conduct

Stories on the core values, “Proactive”, “Agile” and “Collaborative”

Mahindra Logistics’ Bulk Transportation team at JSW: Ashok Gupta, Ghanshyam Kamble, and their team's proactiveness and foresight enabled them to dispatch 7,230 tonnes in a single day using 294 trucks at JSW.

Mahindra Logistics’ A&E-M&M team at BTS-3, Chakan strives to push digital transformation in the way they operate, and this has been implemented well on site.

Last week, in the presence of the M&M Chakan team, they did a wall-to-wall inventory valued at 350 crores and found zero variance at the warehouse, owing to good practices applied on site, such as reports and forms generated using MS Forms.

Furthermore, during a recent site visit, Arun Joshi, Member Secretary-Central Safety Council, MIQ, complimented Dharmendra Dhariwal and his team at BTS-3 for their excellent work under the leadership of Rajesh Shetty and the guidance of Sanjay Balmiki.

Arun had also witnessed the excellent practices and processes that he suggested could serve as a benchmark for other sites.

MLL’s Auto Outbound team at M&M, Chakan, dispatched 25,144 vehicles against a billing of 24,125 vehicles in September 2022, the highest total in Mahindra's history from any plant!

In order to assist the customer in managing the stock, our team relocated 5,910 vehicles to an external yard in addition to the aforementioned figures.

Prasanna Pahade, Lovinder Saggu, and Rakesh Gandhi provided critical guidance and support to the team.

MLL’s Consumer and Pharma team J&J, Hyderabad processed 6,93,827 cases, the highest number handled in J&J history without affecting a single Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Congratulations to the MLL teams at JSW, Chakan, and Hyderabad for their outstanding performance and commitment to meeting our customers' expectations!

Let’s follow their example and continue living by the Core Values of MLL’s Code of Conduct!

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