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Mahindra Electric ends FY’22 as India’s No.1 electric three-wheeler company

Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, part of the Mahindra Group, has closed the financial year with a market share of 73.4%, making it the No.1 electric three-wheeler manufacturer in the country. With a whopping 214% growth from FY’21, Mahindra Electric has one of the largest portfolios of electric three-wheelers with the Treo Auto, Treo Yaari, Treo Zor, e Alfa Mini and e Alfa Cargo to suit the needs of its varied customers. Treo also happens to be the first Li-ion electric three-wheeler platform to cross 18,000+ sales since its launch.

The Treo auto is the top-selling electric three-wheeler in the passenger category with a market share of 70.4%, while the Treo Zor leads the cargo segment with a 52.1% market share. Customers prefer our vehicles because of the significant savings due to the ever-increasing petrol/diesel/CNG prices, advanced Li-ion technology, and favourable government policies. The high reliability of the EVs, extensive service network and aggressive marketing as well as sales policies have also contributed to this success.

Mahindra’s last-mile products, have cumulatively travelled more than 427 million kilometres and saved more than 42,835 metric tonne CO2.

Suman Mishra, CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, said, “I am delighted that over this past year, we have significantly expanded our EV footprint while reducing pollution (that would otherwise have needed 20 lakh trees to be planted) and contributed to the government’s vision of sustainable development. I want to share this success with our stakeholders and expect to maintain this momentum in FY’23 through a range of exciting products and solutions in the last-mile mobility space.”

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