Committed to ‘Better, not Bigger’

At Tech Mahindra’s Prime Time Exclusive, Carol B. Tomé, Global CEO of UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, shared how Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion and Digital are the three defining trends that will shape the way companies do business tomorrow.

The CEO of UPS took on the reins of the company amid a surging pandemic in 2020. She had retired from a long tenure at Home Depot, where she had been CFO, in 2019. Commenting on her appointment, she says, “When they came to me to consider my retirement, I was like, why would I do that?”

But over time, she decided that, as much as she was a good fit for UPS, the company was a good fit for her. “I was honoured and privileged to join the company as the company values were aligned to mine,” she says.

Tomé has been working to change the way UPS operates to promote its strategy of being a customer-first, people-led, and innovation-driven organisation. Hear her talk about making bolder and more transformational moves in UPS by introducing ‘Women in Operations’ program led by men and how diversity is good for business.

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