Mahindra celebrates 75 years of India's Independence with Har Ghar Tiranga

We have planned various activities to celebrate the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign in August. Let us pay tribute to our nation by sharing a memory associated with Independence Day. The event will be run by ConnectFor to raise awareness about 75 years of India’s Independence among the volunteers and spread the spirit of patriotism and pride.

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  • Prathmesh patil 1 year ago
    Great celebration of nation flag
  • Harish c 1 year ago
    Great celebration of nation flag
  • The Mahindra Museum of Living History encapsulates the rich legacy of the Mahindra Group through interpretive art and has gained global recognition. It is listed in Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad archives and is also a finalist for the INT Design Awards 2023 in the ‘Public Interior Design’ category. 
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