Are you a responsible traveller?

The Covid-19 pandemic has given us a wake-up call to become better travellers. As travel opens up, albeit in a limited way, it’s time to reflect on how to travel more sustainably, consciously and with care. And as fully jabbed travel aficionados pining for the next big trip — whenever that may be — it’s time to make thoughtful choices that will shape the future of the travel landscape.

On World Tourism Day, send us your responsible travel shots or share your sustainable travel tips on [email protected]. Don’t forget to send your details: Business, Department/Function and Location.

Test your knowledge on World Tourism and Green Consumer Day, take this quiz: https://forms.gle/qvzwAqqDnRdiRqaw6

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  • Ranjeet Khobragade 2 years ago
    It is a time to follow very basics for travelleling nowadays. First thing is nobody will get bother because of us. It means if one have cough.. cold, he or she must maintain social distancing proper hygiene. Other most important thing is to do not through our travelling waste here and there except designated dust bins. Prior booking in trains.. hotels to avoid any hassels. Travelling should be properly planned. All necessary things like important medicines, seasonal cloths, personal towels needs to keep with us. Ranjit Khobragade CQA- FD