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What Mahindra employees have to say about the world’s best library

In May 2021, the Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ was launched to offer Mahindra employees a highly personalised learning experience. The platform is fuelled by the best and most updated content across domains — leadership, management, behaviour, customer experience, technology, finance and manufacturing. A micro-byte content library, Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ offers more than 20,000 content items that help colleagues build over 60 skills, which help them lead themselves, lead others and lead the business.

Even though it’s just a few months old, Mahindra employees are already loving Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ (HMM Spark) because it helps advance their personal development, when and how it works for them. Here’s what they had to say.

"The platform has the feature of allowing you to choose the type of content you want to read — long-form as well as short-form. The video on collaboration helped me understand key insights on how to collaborate with people who have different viewpoints by giving you an analogy of driving a car."
Arunava Roy, Zonal Head, AFS


"I was really eager about exploring and learning from Harvard Business again after my college days. For me, a couple of pre-curated pathways that caught my eyes were the 'Blockchain for Beginners' and 'A Coaching Mindset'. Many of my previous learnings and experiences have been reemphasised by the coaching pathway and also by other related content in podcasts, articles, etc."
Chethan Narasimhaiah, Project Manager, TechM


"Learning at work has changed now. With HMM Spark, I can prioritise my learning based on my interests and the skills I wish to develop. The video on time management helped me gain insight on how to stay disciplined and focus on multiple projects by prioritising various tasks."
GVV Harikrishna, Manager – IT, FSS


"I have been using Harvard Business Review as a learning tool for the past five years. With Mahindra allowing us to access HMM Spark, it has helped us learn via various well-researched content (video/blog article/case studies /podcasts/courses/assessments). The best part about HMM Spark is the fact it offers a wide variety of topics. Currently, I am learning about 'Strategic Planning'.

The pathways on CAB have helped me in the following ways at work:

  • Collaborative: This made me understand collaboration is vital for organisational success.
  • Agile: It is a critical behaviour in delighting customers through speed and action.
  • Bold: Being bold helps you see the big picture, set challenging and realistic goals, and meet commitments.”

Mahendra Bhalerao - Senior General Manager, Manufacturing, AFS

Which modules have you accessed on Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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