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Experiencing the logistics of an inclusive environment

At the Mahindra Group, we celebrate the uniqueness of every individual by fostering an environment of inclusion and empowerment. Sohini Nath, an employee of Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) in Dankuni, West Bengal and a proud member of the LGBTQ community, is a true testament to our Diversity & Inclusion policy.

Until she joined Mahindra Logistics in the E-commerce segment, Sohini would feel shy and uncomfortable at the workplace. She says, “After I started working here, my confidence levels have gone up significantly. I can walk proudly since I don’t see people staring at me or looking at me like I don’t belong here. When I joined MLL, I was a little skeptical about how to manage my work or speak to people, but slowly other employees started coming to me and made me feel comfortable. Within no time, I became a part of this organisation, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I was pleasantly surprised to see that people were treating me with utmost respect and equality.”

Sohini reiterates, “At Mahindra Logistics, I have never faced any sort of discrimination; in fact I feel very welcome here. My colleagues are very supportive and friendly. The working atmosphere is very healthy here. I feel safe and happy at MLL.”

“On International Women’s Day, Mahindra Logistics wished me and included me in their celebrations and even gave me a gift! It was very thoughtful of them to make me feel special on that day! I can never forget that!”

An active user of social media since her transition to a woman in 2019, Sohini is also happy that Mahindra Logistics promotes LGBTQ diversity and inclusion actively on social media. She believes, “Today, social media has managed to create awareness about the plight of transgenders and the need to be respectful and caring towards people from all races, backgrounds and genders. For me, social media has helped me come out of my shell and accept myself. It has helped me face the world with confidence.”

In the coming years, Sohini hopes that more and more companies hire employees based on talent and not on gender. “At the end of the day, we need to do our work with dedication and hard work. It’s time that we should be given equal opportunities basis the work we do, rather than the way we look,” she says.

Sohini is thankful to Mahindra Logistics for allowing her to shine. She says, “My gratitude to companies like Mahindra Logistics who are willing to provide us equal opportunities. I see many of my colleagues with disabilities, and they also get the desired help and opportunities. It’s a ray of hope for all the people like us to be able to stand tall and work towards our ambitions.”

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