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Supporting migrant workers during the nation-wide lockdown

While the pandemic hit all of us hard, there was one section of people who were left most vulnerable during the nation-wide lockdown. Workers and labourers working away from their hometowns found themselves in a precarious condition during the pandemic, often, with no one to turn to. However, some colleagues from Mahindra Lifespaces went out of their way to ‘Rise’ above the challenges posed by the pandemic. These Mahindra Covid Warriors provided invaluable support to migrant workers, even ensuring that they reached their hometowns and villages safely. Here are some of these heart-warming stories.

Providing a home away from home

Despite all the challenges, the workers working in several Mahindra real estate projects could breathe a sigh of relief due to the painstaking efforts of people like Prince Gomez. During the nation-wide lockdown in March 2020, Prince, who is based in Chennai, ensured the wellbeing of 200 Mahindra construction workers, who couldn’t go home.

He not only took care of their physical well-being by organising regular meals, but also engaged them in organic farming and sports activities to take care of their mental health. He even ensured that all the prescribed safety guidelines were followed throughout the living premises.

Prince’s genuine assiduity shone through when he helped the local contractor by procuring grains and other food items especially from him to help him tide over his losses during the difficult time.

Finally in June 2020, Prince arranged for the safe travel of the workers to their hometowns, much to their relief.

Ensuring a safe journey home

Close to 500 construction workers working at Mahindra Happinest in Kalyan, couldn’t go home either during the first lockdown. Although they were away from home, Deepak Kanu, a project engineer at the site made sure their stay was comfortable and safe. Deepak took care of all essential needs such as food, groceries and ensured that they were always equipped with sanitisers and PPE suits. To take their mind off the troubling events around them, he also organised film screenings for the workers.

He also arranged for Covid-19 awareness sessions by certified medical practitioners to sensitise the workers about the pandemic.

Post the relaxation of restrictions, Deepak coordinated with the gram panchayats for the requisite approvals and helped the workers reach their respective hometowns safely.

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