Powering his dream for a better future

Sanoj Kumar from Korma village in Jehanabad district near Patna is the proud owner of a Mahindra Treo. With electric cars creating a buzz around the world, and for good reasons, Sanoj is happy that he made the switch at the right time. He uses the electric three-wheeler for the safe transportation of kids from school to home. He says, “Children and their parents love my vehicle because it is quieter, faster, cleaner and comfortable.”

Overall, Sanoj is pleased with his step into the world of zero-emitting, high performance and low maintenance electric transportation. By travelling 100 km in and around his village, Sanoj Kumar is able to increase his daily earnings while providing a zero-emission commute to his passengers at the same time. “It has a low running cost of only 50 paise per km, and I can cover a distance of almost 100 km. Today, I earn INR 20,000-25000 per month,” he says.
The key benefits of using the electric three-wheeler include fast charging and saving on maintenance. Sanoj explains, “It takes two to three hours to charge. Additionally, the company has given three years warranty for the battery.” Sanoj is both positively impacting the environment and benefiting from higher daily earnings. With the daily savings, he is dreaming big of being able to support his children’s education.

Watch the film to find out how Mahindra Treo is fulfilling Sanoj’s dream of a better life.

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