Plugging into a better tomorrow

Hurt by high fuel prices, Sheshnath Singh from Bihar ditched his petrol-guzzling private car for Mahindra Treo.

“I bought it to save money. I can cover a distance of almost 100km and earn INR 1,000 every day. The company also gives a warranty of three years,” says Sheshnath, who expects to recover the cost in three years.

Sheshnath’s electric three-wheeler Treo delivers impressive performance, offers higher savings, superior ride quality, zero-emission and best-in-class interior space. It has a low running cost of only 50 paise per km, leading to savings of up to INR 45,000 every year in fuel cost.

Electric three-wheelers are quieter, faster, cleaner and cheaper to maintain than traditional rickshaws.

“The driving is enjoyable, and the overall experience is satisfying. Every ride is noiseless, vibration-free and comfortable,” he says. Today, he is among a small yet growing population in India who have benefitted from driving electric three-wheeler. As his income increases, so does his purchasing power. Sheshnath says that with the experience of EV driving, he would invest in buying another one in the coming days. “I’m ready to buy another one in future,” says Sheshnath, whose savings are also helping fund his children’s education and support his family financially. Watch the film to know how the Mahindra Treo is fulfilling Sheshnath Singh’s dream of a better life.

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