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This year, on International Women’s Day, the ask is to #ChooseToChallenge biases and misconceptions towards creating a more inclusive world. We take this opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary women among us who chose to challenge inequalities and overcame roadblocks to realise their potential and Rise above their circumstances.

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Women Make It Happen

Donning diverse roles across varied domains with incredible panache from being a mother to a working professional, women have truly aced it all. Their incredible resolve to keep moving forward is inspirational. Reminding us, there’s nothing a woman can’t do. This Women's Day let’s celebrate and salute women who are a symbol of bravery and a sign of excellence.

Nakal Karti Zidd

When faced with bias and barriers, it takes a certain kind of grit to succeed. Here's a special film to salute the challenger spirit of #WomenInScience, who overcome insurmountable odds to pave the way forward for millions of girls around the world.

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  • Did you know

    International Women's Day actually originated more than a 100 years ago, but it was officially adopted by the United Nations in 1975.

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