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Launches ‘Mera Swaraj Education Support Program’

The 'Mera Swaraj Education Support Program', an early career development initiative for students across the country, aims to create a pool of competent engineers. The programme is designed to expose first-year engineering students to critical and holistic industry experiences necessary for long-term career development. Students from top engineering colleges offering Agricultural Engineering will be targeted for this programme.

Swaraj Tractors has selected 37 students for internships from eight engineering colleges across the country. In line with Swaraj’s USP of ‘Made by the farmer, and for the farmer’, these youngsters primarily have farming backgrounds. Through the ‘Mera Swaraj Education Support Program’, students will receive financial support for four years, subject to consistent academic performance. They will also work on live farm-mechanisation projects mentored by industry experts. The students will be subsumed into the organisation’s final placement process.

Harish Chavan, Chief Executive Officer, Swaraj Tractors, said, “At Swaraj, we aim to nurture and create a competent pool of engineers for the future by engaging students early on in their careers and giving them the opportunity to appreciate varied mechanisation possibilities for new-age agriculture. Through the ‘Mera Swaraj Education Support Program’, we not only hope to support deserving students pursuing engineering education, but also acquaint them with modern tools and technologies through practical exposures in industry.”

Established in 1974, Swaraj Tractors is India’s second-largest and fastest-growing tractor brand. The Punjab-based company has sold over 1.5 million tractors since its inception. Consistently ranked among the top players in customer satisfaction in India, Swaraj manufactures tractors in the range of 15HP to 65HP and provides complete farming solutions.

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