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Ready to run and compete with your colleagues from across the globe?

‘Marathon – Mahindra Run Anywhere’ is a challenge where associates can participate from across the globe. This 51-day-long marathon, which will now kick-start on July 24, 2021, aims to celebrate wellness in Mahindra’s 75th year. The event has been developed in a gamified model where participants can win around 120+ rewards just by running or walking anywhere.

Wellness first

With the onset of the pandemic, we realised how important exercise and fitness are for our health and immunity. With the options limited while working from home, we decided to influence our employees with fitness events to improve their health and mood. Encouraging employees across all sectors to participate in physical activities soon gave birth to the app: Marathon – Mahindra Run Anywhere.

Building the app

The core team at M&M and the Josh team from Tech Mahindra had insightful interactions and built the concept of Marathon – Mahindra Run Anywhere. This wonderful application boasts of the perfect mix of technology and creativity.

Key features

  • Indigenously built at Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Tracks all your physical activities
  • Leaderboard to check your rank and compare with others’ as well
  • Detailed graphical analysis to monitor your progress (footsteps count, distance covered etc.)
  • Doesn’t mandate you to step out of home

Employees who register themselves and take part in the marathon are eligible for 120+ awards.

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