Tech Mahindra wins five 2021 ISG Digital Case Study Awards™

In a huge achievement for Tech Mahindra, the leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services, won five ISG Digital Case Study Awards™. This has made it just one of just two organisations to have five of their case studies (the highest number among this year’s honorees) recognised by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

“We are pleased with ISG’s recognition of our holistic digital transformation capabilities, across a range of areas. Our investment in digital capabilities and outcome-focused solutions, has been endorsed by our clients through this process. I am extremely proud of the Tech Mahindra teams across the globe, who have worked hard to drive digital at scale for our clients as part of our NXT.NOW philosophy,” said Padma Parthasarathy, Global Head for Consulting and Digital Services, Tech Mahindra.

The ISG Digital Case Study Awards™ evaluate the objectives, solutions and outcome achieved through digital transformation projects. The selections are based on a multi-dimensional assessment of the tangible impact of digital transformation on the client’s business and the uniqueness of the provider’s solution. Case studies submitted by technology and service providers from around the world are independently validated by the enterprise client and then reviewed by an expert ISG digital research review committee.

A record 250 case studies from 39 providers were submitted for this year’s Awards. Most of the digital transformation initiatives submitted for consideration focused on improvements in customer and user experience, while driving top-line revenue growth.

“The events of the past year have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and business models,” said Paul Reynolds, ISG Partner and Chief Research Officer. “Enhancing customer and user experience was the most prevalent objective across the enterprise-provider projects we examined, and the transformational role providers are playing was evidenced by the many innovative and impactful solutions they delivered.”

The case studies that received the ISG Digital Case Study Awards™

  • Mining pit network transformation with LTE and IoT enabled better operational efficiency, 30% increased network coverage, and 30 per cent reduced costs for Exxaro
  • Remote monitoring of industrial motors with predictive tools enabled significant reduction in downtime, leading to better client satisfaction for Nidec Motors
  • Smart automation enabled faster roll out of new solutions, resulting in 3.75x return on investment for a leading Canadian Bank. It also enabled the bank to roll out timely solutions for pandemic relief
  • Patient Engagement Platform enabled a global pharma company to achieve 90 per cent medication adherence for their patients in India
  • A blockchain-based solution for Tata Teleservices helped mitigate spam calls and texts from unregistered marketers to their customers
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