'We Aim To Grow 4X In The Next Five Years’

Rampraveen Swaminathan, or Ram as he likes to be called,  is a man with a mission. Driving Mahindra Logistics Limited’s (MLL) ₹10,000 crore revenue push by 2026 while retaining the strong focus and uphold Mahindra’s Rise philosophy are high on Ram's agenda.

Ram joined the Mahindra Group in 2019. He has worked in multiple industries and geographies around the world. Speaking about MLL, he said, it has been a ‘challenging but enriching in terms of learning and impact'.

First big challenge - Overcoming pandemic 

In 48 hours, about 400 of our facilities were down with thousands of trucks standing on the roads. It was a huge challenge but we rose to the occasion. The leadership focus was on three things – trying to be decisive, being empathetic and being accountable. About 160 of our sites and about seven thousand people were working again in 72 hours, providing essential services, trucking, etc. We could make a real difference in the lives of people during the pandemic. The team did a fantastic job and all this helped us restart strongly. We have had a strong year-on-year growth every month since we came out of lockdown.

Roadmap for MLL

We aim to grow 4X in five years and be a ₹10,000 crore company by 2026. The key focus is on profitable growth and also create a strong level of customer differentiation.

Driving diversity

We want to be a company of builders and institutions. The need to have diversity and being fairly tolerant is a broad cultural aspiration for the company. MLL has launched a series of programme to further embed diversity.

Future is electric

We strongly believe that electric is the future of fleets. We aim to build a 1000-strong fleet by the end of first quarter of FY2022. Over the next two-three years, we intend to scale it up to 3000 vehicles.

Sustaining sustainability

Sustainability is high on the agenda for MLL and the company plans to be carbon neutral by 2040. Probably, MLL is the first logistics company to announce its commitment to carbon neutrality.

Getting to know Ram

With over two decades of experience spanning automotive, paper and energy sectors, Ram is known for leading business transformations.

He started his career with the Tata Administrative Services and later served with Cummins Inc., Schneider Electric and International Paper Co – India Region. Ram has also served on the boards of Dodla Dairy Ltd., International Paper Holdings Asia Singapore Pte Ltd. and EROEI Power Solutions Pvt Ltd.

An accounting and finance graduate from Bangalore University, Ram holds a master’s in business administration and a degree from the Harvard Business School.

Outside of work ‘it’s mostly family’. “I am passionate about education and environment. I try to contribute my time to the WWF India and SVP.”

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