“It has been a great feeling that we were able to provide critical support to our guest”

It took a team of two people and the generosity of Satish Kumar to save the life of Jayesh Kapani, who, along with his wife, were guests at Club Mahindra Mussoorie.

On July 8, 2021, Jayesh and his wife, along with their friends, Dr Atull Dua and his wife, travelled to the resort. Tucked cosily in the hills in Uttarakhand, the resort was an ideal choice for the couples with breathtaking views and a salubrious climate. However, their vacation turned horribly wrong. On reaching Mussoorie, Jayesh felt dizzy and fainted. But somehow, they reached the foot of Gun hill by a rickshaw from where they were transferred to the resort.

The resort was fully occupied, and the guests checked in. As the staff unloaded their luggage, Jayesh began gasping for breath. If there is one thing that 36-year-old Satish Kumar, who escorted Jayesh to the room, will never forget was the stressful look on his face as he struggled to walk because of shortness of breath. “It’s one of those looks that will never get out of my head,” says Satish, who has been responding to all kinds of emergencies at the resort. “He was horrified and was panting for breath,” adds Satish.

Fortunately, Satish, who has been associated with MHRIL as the Assistant Manager, F&B Service, since May 2019, was so much a part of the Mahindra Rise ethos that he just knew the exact thing to do. He recalls, “At that moment, I made him feel comfortable by making him sit on a nearby bench and offered him water.” Satish also managed to get him a room near the reception area and quickly arranged for a wheelchair. However, after resting for some time, Jayesh managed to walk to his room.

Next, Satish and two other resort staff — Neel Kumar, Assistant Manager (Engineering), and Devam Gupta, Industrial Trainee — went beyond the call of duty to bring in help to make sure that Jayesh was comfortable. Satish remembered that there was a new oxygen concentrator on the premises. The concentrator was brought to the room and the level was set at five litres. Within half an hour, Jayesh’s condition improved, and the machine was left in his room.

Earlier, a virtual training programme had been organised for the resort workforce on how to use the oxygen concentrator for emergencies.

This extreme act of kindness made the guests feel valued. The following day, they were shifted to another room. A pulse oximeter was brought in to check Jayesh’s pulse rate and oxygen levels. “I coordinated with Dr Dua, who travelled with Jayesh. After consulting with him, we arranged for the oxygen concentrator that was at our resort to tackle such an unprecedented emergency. It has been a great feeling that we were able to provide such critical support for our guests. The oxygen concentrator proved invaluable in giving him life support and preventing hospitalisation. His oxygen level had been dropping to 85, but with support, it shot up to 99,” he says.

Thanks to Satish’s quick thinking, the story had a happy ending. After receiving medical support at the right time, Jayesh felt better and the following day left for Dehradun with happy memories. For Satish, the incident is an example of the good work that he and the employees at Club Mahindra Mussoorie quietly do day in and day out.

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